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Hello! My name is Lauren Ladner.

I am a graphic designer and marketing professional based in the Philadelphia area. I graduated from Moore College of Art & Design, where I studied graphic design, printmaking, and business. Currently, I am working as a full time graphic designer at Renaissance Communications Group. I also do regular contract work for Rittenhouse Women's Wellness Center, where I was Marketing & Creative Manager, and NUMiNOUS magazine. My work gives me the opportunity to exercise my skills in illustration, graphic design, and web design, as well as gain experience in social media management and various marketing initiatives. My skills extend to silkscreen and letterpress, as well as, experimental image making, photography, and fine arts. My marketing experience includes community management, building business partnerships, and campaigns on and offline. For three years, I was involved in the Business Scholar in the Arts program at Moore, which gives women the tools to become successful entrepreneurs. I believe this provided me with skills beyond my general graphic design degree, and is why I find myself so enthralled by the marketing end of things. 

My hobbies and interests include dogs (I have a pug, Rocko), live music, riding bikes, nature and experimenting in the kitchen. 

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